Lessons Learnt

1)  ‘What we learned about flying from that!’

Huge advances in aviation safety are the direct result of Interpersonal Skills training which has been mandatory since 1990. Many professions such as medicine and law are adopting these aviation techniques.

How can the flightdeck culture help your organisation?  Captain Cyril can tailor the talk to your needs.



Derek Rowe    October 18, 2014   Devizes   

18 October 2014
On behalf of the members who attended your enthralling talk ‘Come Fly with me’ I must congratulate you on a memorable morning’s meeting. It was fascinating to discover what goes on before, during and after a routine scheduled passenger airline flight from someone with first hand experience, and with the ultimate responsibility for the flight and the safety of all aboard.

Your presentation involved the audience and ensured that no matter what their level of technical expertise, they fully understood and enjoyed what was being presented.
I have been told, in no uncertain terms, that I am to ensure that you appear in our programme for next Autumn.

Derek M Rowe
Speaker Co-Ordinator
The Probus Club of Devizes

Mike Woodberry    March 20, 2013   Chippenham   

20 Mach 2013
Dear Cyril,
On behalf of all our members, a very sincere thank-you for your excellent talk this afternoon. Building your presentation around a specific international flight, taking in every detail from meeting your fellow crew members to landing safely, made for an unusual, fascinating and extremely enjoyable presentation.

It was an insight into the world of the flight deck, so close yet so distant from the passenger cabin, that left us wanting more, and we look forward to having you speak to us again next year.

Yours sincerely,
Mike Woodberry
Probus Club of Chippenham

Nadia Lear    June 22, 2016   Blewbury   

“That was fascinating, absolutely brilliant, I was mesmerised. You have a wonderful way of explaining what goes on in the cockpit”. Nadia Lear, Blewbury WI, Oxon. 22nd June 2016.

Mike Kill    October 12, 2015  

"I know from the conversations at the tea break that the members greatly appreciated your visit.
It certainly gave us an insight into the skill and expertise of the pilots and other air crew enabling them to provide an immediate response when those emergencies occurred"
Mike Kill of Chippenham Probus Club

Claire Hazelwood    May 18, 2016  

Dear Cyril

Thank you so much for your most interesting talk last Wednesday. It was very enjoyable and I'm sure made all our members feel more confident about flying!

Kind regards

Claire Hazelwood
Sulhampstead Womens institute

Colin Irvin    October 29, 2014  

29 October 2014
On behalf of The Defence Academy and Swindon branch Royal Aeronautical Society, I thank you for getting our current lecture season off to a flying start with your talk “The Evolution of the Tornado .. from an Historical Perspective”.
I have had a number of comments from our members who enjoyed the presentation and your anecdotes about flying the aircraft particularly at low level highlighting the stresses on the aircrew whilst remaining professional were fascinating. The talk was made even more poignant due to the current operational deployment of the aircraft.
We look forward to inviting you back to give a presentation on one of your other topics.

With thanks and best wishes

Colin Irvin
Secretary Swindon Branch
Royal Aeronautical Society

Margaret Stewart    April 18, 2015   Lechlade Ladies Group   

Cyril Mannion gave a fascinating presentation about piloting commercial airliners which was delivered in a lively, informal manner. The talk was illustrated by videos taken on the flight deck during flight and included a realtime landing at Heathrow. There were many anecdotes from a long experience of captaining aeroplanes, including one about the exclusion of a foreign prince.
"The best talk we've had!" ......exclaimed a member of the audience.

Gerry Elms    April 2, 2014   Chippenham   

2 April 2014
On behalf of Chippenham Probus Club, I would like to express the thanks of members formally for the talk, which I know was greatly appreciated by all present. Many thanks for taking the trouble to come to Kington Langley Village Hall to give us such an entertaining afternoon.

It was a great disappointment to me that I was unable to be present at your talk last Wednesday, please accept my apology.

Gerry Elms
Chippenham Probus Club

Derrick Conquest    November 14, 2014  

14 November 2014
I have invited you to speak to us on four occasions. The reason for your return visits has been that most of your talks are built on your own wide practical aviation experience and even your talk about Alcock and Brown involved you visiting the landing site . This attention to detail means a lot to us.

I see we have booked you to return in Spring 2015 for your talk 'From routine to abnormal in a second' I look forward to the talk and many more in the future. Thank you for bringing Aviation alive for us.

Derrick Conquest, Speaker Secretary
Thamesdown Probus Club.

Gill Hyatt    October 2, 2017   Sevenhampton and District   

With airlines in the news so much at present, it seemed particularly relevant to hear at first hand a pilot's view on everything involved with long haul flights. None of us are likely to take them for granted since your presentation
Many thanks
Gill Hyatt Sevenhampton and District WI

Joan Robinson    October 30, 2018  

Dear Cyril,
Just to say thank you very much for coming to our WI and presenting your enthralling talk to our members. It was all very dramatic but reassuring.
Joan (on behalf of Blewbury WI).

Sheila Smith    April 14, 2014   Woodley Reading   

14 April 2014
Thank you for giving us a talk entitled “A Captain at Work – A look at the Human Aspects of Airline Command.”

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Your talk and presentation proved to be extremely interesting and informative and gave us a real insight in to flying from the pilot's point of view.

It is always stimulating to hear of the very different interests, jobs and experiences that other people have in their lives – thank you for sharing yours with us!

Sheila Smith
Woodley Women’s Club Secretary