Aviation Today

1)  ‘A Captain at work’ – A look at the human aspects of airline command.

Takeoff from Mumbai viewing cockpit video. While flying to London you will learn about the human aspects of airline command. Finishing with a landing at Heathrow.

After the takeoff, I share many of the typical questions asked by passengers when they meet airline pilots.   I hope my answers are reassuring to passengers whose travel by air is dominated by memories of turbulence and white knuckles.

I discuss the decision-making techniques used by pilots to help them calmly bring challenging and potentially catastrophic situations to a safe conclusion.

The talk ends with a pilot’s eye view of the landing at Heathrow.  The talk is scheduled to last 45 minutes and time for questions is additional time, whether questions are asked during or afterwards.


2)  ‘From Routine to Abnormal in the blink of an eye’ – How some airliner incidents came perilously close to being major disasters.

This talk covers some very exciting flying incidents which came perilously close to disaster when things went wrong. The human ingenuity and leadership of the amazing pilots is highlighted in this talk.




777instrument panel3)  ‘How do we fly from Heathrow to Mumbai’ –  A look at the technical aspects of flying a routine airline flight…..demystified for non-technical audiences.

“Fly with me from Heathrow to Mumbai”. Captain Cyril shares some technical details of long-haul airline flying, demystified for non-technical audiences.



Engine size demo pose4)  ‘What we learned about flying from that!’

Huge advances in aviation safety are the direct result of Interpersonal Skills training which has been mandatory since 1990. Many professions such as medicine and law are adopting these aviation techniques.