Aviation History

Alcock and Brown

Watch the presentation given at Brooklands Museum by Captain Cyril on the 100 anniversary of the first nonstop trans-Atlantic crossing.


An aviator’s view of the Alcock and Brown Atlantic crossing by Vickers Vimy.

The story of the first direct trans Atlantic flight by Alcock and Brown on Saturday 14th June- Sunday 15th June 1919.

Learn about two magnificent pioneering men who overcame all obstacles to become the first to fly the Atlantic nonstop in 1919.  Learn how Brown hacked ice from a vital fuel gauge and hear about Alcock’s recovery from a loss of control while disorientated in the cloud. These heroes were welcomed back in London by crowds lining the streets. Their achievement was celebrated just as enthusiastically as the first men on the moon 50 years later.

We celebrated this remarkable achievement of 100 years ago in 2019.

The Evolution of the Tornado aircraft…seen from the historical perspective

“The evolution of the Tornado fighter-bomber”. Tornado was the result of many design compromises. The success of the multi-national collaboration is proven during 35 years of peace and war.

The talk takes a historical look at the significant decisions that shaped the Tornado’s design and development.